SERCAP in North Carolina



4336-A Bland Road
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: 984-200-6801


Southeast Rural Community Assistance Loan Fund Program

SERCAP's Loan Fund provides low-interest loans to low-income rural communities for predevelopment costs, system upgrades and new construction of water and wastewater services and facilities. Loans are also available for housing and community development. More Info...

Technical Assistance and Training Grant Program (Technitrain)

Technitrain is a technical assistance program operated by SERCAP and funded by the national Rural Community Assistance Program with USDA Rural Utility Service dollars. The program provides community-specific training and technical assistance to small low-income communities and non-profit agencies serving a population of less than 10,000 to meet their water and wastewater needs. More Info...

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Safe Drinking Water Assistance Program

The Safe Drinking Water Technical Assistance Program is funded by the US EPA Office of Water. This is a year-long technical assistance program that focuses only on communities with drinking water system problems. Priority is given to projects with communities served by small rural water systems (populations of 3,300 or less) or very small rural water systems (populations of 500 or less).

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Environmental Protection Agency Wastewater Project

This EPA funded program is designed to help communities with wastewater problems. The main aspects of this program include assisting communities in addressing regulatory concerns, small systems with operational and maintenance problems, communities violating their discharge permits or communities needing to upgrade their wastewater treatment and/or collection facilities in order to meet Clean Water Act requirements. The program also addresses a broad range of problems, including management, financing, construction, operations, lack of institutional capacity to implement facility improvements, facility maintenance, and watershed pollution threats.

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Office of Community Services Program

In its training and technical assistance program funded through a Department of Health and Human Services Office of Community Services (OCS) grant, the agency assists communities throughout the seven-state region in developing the capability and expertise to establish and maintain affordable water and wastewater treatment facilities. More info...

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